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As our parents age, they are entering a new phase, one that brings loss of independence, fear of outliving their money as well as cognitive and physical challenges, often leading to emotional stress for the entire family. Careculator is an online tool that alleviates this stress by helping families make important decisions about elder care.

First, Careculator aids in uncovering and organizing your parents' resources. Using this consolidated view, Careculator analyzes the data and presents charts and results that help you answer pertinent questions.

  • What are their available resources?
  • Where are these resources located?
  • What is their net cash flow?
  • What do they spend their money on?
  • How long will their money last?
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Second, Careculator compares the impact of multiple elder care scenarios using different assumptions.

  • What if she goes to an assisted living costing $4,000/month vs. $5,000/month?
  • How many hours of home care can he afford?
  • Will Mom be better off staying home vs. moving to an assisted living facility?
  • What happens if Dad needs a nursing home two years from now?
  • What if we don't sell the house?
  • How long will Veterans benefits stretch their resources?
  • What is the impact after her long term care insurance runs out in three years?

Careculator is Internet-based; it is available from any browser wherever you have Internet access. For a one-time fee of $99.95, you have unlimited access to this powerful tool.

For every Careculator sale, we will donate $1 to the Alzheimer's Association.

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