Have you tried to find out if your father or mother is eligible for VA benefits, only to be frustrated by the ocean of government jargon? Barbara Steinberg, a nationally renowned expert on eldercare financial planning, has written Crack the VA: Discover Hidden Benefits for Your Parents. This book is a step-by-step guide to determine eligibility and prepare an application to maximize your chances of receiving benefits. Crack the VA eliminates the frustration of searching the Internet and getting bogged down in the mire of information published about these benefits. To cut to the chase and get the results you seek, dive into this book; the outcome will be rewarding. LEARN MORE

Are you concerned that your aging parents are not prepared for the road ahead? Do they need home care or assisted living and you don't know how they will afford it? Do you have questions about Medicaid and how to plan for it? Barbara Steinberg, a Registered Financial Gerontologist™ and expert on eldercare financial planning, can be your port in the storm. Barbara has helped thousands of families create plans for their loved ones. With her compassionate and patient manner, she can relieve your stress and give you peace of mind. Barbara is offering her expertise through affordable 30 minute or 60 minute phone consultations. Schedule your appointment today. LEARN MORE

When you are facing the extraordinary expenses of long term care, the emotional and physical stress often lead to panic and fear. BLS has created an Internet tool to help you make informed decisions based on your unique needs. The Careculator answers your questions by comparing different scenarios to see how they impact your financial position now and in the future. LEARN MORE

Would you like a one-on-one personal consultation with Barbara Steinberg? She can help you get the most value from the Careculator and address your concerns about paying for eldercare at the same time. Sign up now. LEARN MORE


Welcome to BLS Eldercare

BLS Eldercare specializes in affordable elder care financial planning. When seniors are facing the soaring costs of long term care, their families turn to us for objective and compassionate guidance. We listen to our clients and strive to understand their desires as well as their unique financial situations.

BLS Eldercare educates clients about the options that are available. Our goal is to help clients find the means to pay for the care and setting of their choice. We created a tool called Careculator that analyzes alternatives to help you make informed decisions. You can access this tool from anywhere using the Internet. Our founder, Barbara Steinberg, is an expert in veterans' benefits for seniors. Her book, "Crack The VA: Discover Hidden Benefits For Your Parents" has been widely acclaimed by families as well as the senior health care community. In conjunction with our other services, we determine if and how Medicaid fits into the picture.

Trustworthy, ethical and honest, BLS Eldercare is passionate about finding the best solution for each client's situation. We act as an integral part of the elder care team. We recognize the impact that long term care has on the family as well as the client. We help with the social and psychological aspects along with the financial. We often consult with clients' other advisors as part of our implementation.


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